Thinking of starting up a food business in Essex? Here’s why it could be the perfect location to consider…

Lockdown has given most people the chance to sit back and re-evaluate their careers. Many people have since chosen to take a different direction in life and took to opening their own business online and off.

With many people moving out of major cities such as London, surrounding areas have filled up with those looking for a slice of London life without the steep cost of living and busy atmosphere. If you’re one of those people, you may have turned to a your local Cheshire, Chippenham or Chelmsford solicitors to help relocate your home. But what about moving your business too?

Essex is one of the largest counties that covers a beautiful and varied part of the UK, with all walks of life winding up here as a place to settle post lockdown. So, what makes Essex so special and why would it be a great place to set up a food business? Keeping reading to find out…

The Benefits of Moving to Essex

Essex has long been a popular destination to live in England, thanks to its stretch of coastlines, unique villages and up and coming towns and cities. It has everything to offer all ages.

Lockdown has encouraged people living in busier cities that surround Essex, such as London, to look at what it has to offer them, including business owners.

Many people also choose to retreat from London to Essex on the weekends to escape the busy atmosphere of London. So, it makes sense they’re looking for new experiences and places to eat with friends and family.

If you have an existing business, you may be looking to branch out to Essex, with its close links to London. It’s an easy way to spread your name and brand out of major cities into more family friendly communities.

Why Start a Food Business in Essex?

Essex gives you so many options as to what kind of set up you’d like for your food business. If you’re food business is mobile, then you can take yourself to where the customers are. Southend in Essex attracts 6 million tourists a year alone; that’s a lot of revenue opportunity for a food business!

You could find a lot of variation in environment, whether it’s by the sea, in the city, or out in the country. If, however, you plan on planting your food business to suit a more established restaurant or café style, you could have your pick, from small towns to beach side cafes to the inner city set ups.

Essex really does offer it all in terms of varied customers. Not to mention, the popular food markets that take place all around Essex that attract all the local foodies. These markets could be a great opportunity to see how your special products are received there, if you’re contemplating setting up in Essex.

What Kind of Potential Customers Live in Essex?

Essex attracts all walks of life, but is known for being a very family friendly place. There is so much variety for those seeking to set up a life and business in Essex depending on what part you’re interested in.

The city of Chelmsford is particularly popular for young people and families who are always looking to have a wide selection of choice when it comes to eating out, especially on the weekends. Chelmsford is also one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the Southeast, with varied cuisines in demand.

You might be familiar with the programme ‘Only Way is Essex’; the cast spend a lot of their time out in cafes and bars. It’s not unknown that the people of Essex love to dine out, so you certainly wouldn’t be short of customers who love to indulge.

Is There a Demand for More Food Businesses in Essex?

As cities such as Chelmsford attract more and more young people and families each year, there is no doubt that there is space for a new ‘up and coming’ food venue. The attraction to popular chain food venues is depleting, and the demand for unique food stalls has built over time as customers seek different experiences with food.

As for hot tourist spots – the coastlines and neat villages could be perfect destinations for mobile food venues for those busy peak times throughout the spring and summer.

If you have a food business that will stand out from the crowd, then Essex could be the perfect place to test it out.

Think Essex is the Place for Your Food Business?

There are plenty of reasons to make the business move to Essex. However, there’s lots to think about before narrowing it down to which part, whether it’s on the beach, in the city, or a cosy village.

The main reasons to consider Essex as a place should be based on the variety of the customers and environments it offers to new food businesses right around the county. It also has very close links to London, making Essex an ideal retreat for those looking to get out of the city for the weekend, but still wanting to indulge.

If you’re unsure how your products would be received, you only have to book a stall at the local food markets to see how your food goes down before taking the plunge.

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