Millennials grew up in one can easily be described as the Golden age of technology. They witnessed the advancements made by computers, from the early devices to the powerhouses of the day. They were also at the forefront of innovation when it came to mobile devices, experiencing every successive wave of new technology. Millennials were also the first to try the excitement of online casinos and were among the first players to embrace Internet gambling.

Millennials love live dealer table games

Unlike the previous generations who prefer to gamble in land-based locations, smoke, and drink alcohol at the tables, Millennials prefer online gambling. From The United Kingdom to New Zealand where they love playing online pokies or slots as the Europeans prefer to call them according to this page here — They enjoy the activity but are reluctant to dedicate large amounts and a lot of time to something they essentially regarded as entertainment. That’s why online casinos are perfect for delivering instant access to the kind of entertainment this generation seeks. The beauty of Internet gambling is that it offers the same exciting alternatives as traditional casinos.

Millennials are not exactly risk-takers and they always prefer games that have a better return to the player. This generation understands concepts such as house edge and even when gambling, players want to enjoy a level playing field. Table games deliver on this and provide players with the opportunity of reducing the house edge to 1% or less if the optimal strategy is used. The only problem is that these games used to be played against algorithms, so there was always uncertainty about the fairness of these games.

Online casinos met them halfway and provided Millennials with the chance to compete against real croupiers. The tech-savvy generation was quick to jump on the bandwagon and embrace this form of entertainment. WebCam technology is now used to broadcast the games in real-time, so players can see what’s happening at the table. Instead of blindly trusting the software, they can play against real dealers and interact with the croupiers as well as their peers using live chat technology.

Millennials have joined the crypto revolution

At every turn, Millennials have embraced changed and rarely missed out on an opportunity to try the latest technologies. Not surprisingly, cryptocurrencies were not lost on them and they were among the first to use them for online gambling. A significant percentage of the players who gamble at crypto casinos belong to this generation. They also use cryptocurrencies as a store of value and an investment asset, so they have a lot of confidence in the blockchain and the casinos using it.

Millennials enjoy other types of games beyond table games, with slots, scratch cards, and video pokers being on the list. However, they prefer provably fair games, which are delivered through the blockchain and allow them to check the randomness of the games for free. Online casinos can rely on this generation to embrace future advancements in technology, such as augmented reality and virtual reality.

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