When we think of personal protective equipment, hi-vis, hardhats, gloves, overalls, and other specialist equipment will naturally come to mind, however, footwear is often an overlooked area where you can make changes to boost your safety. By protecting your feet and lowering the risk of slipping or tripping, you can protect yourself from injury. Below, we explore the right shoes you should pick out for various jobs.


Construction is considered an industry where it is vital to purchase the appropriate safety footwear as such jobs carry a high level of risk: there were 39 fatalities in construction in 2020/21 and 61,000 non-fatal injuries each year from 2018 to 2021. 

Subsequently, construction workers need footwear that comes with a steel cap to protect their toes from heavy falling equipment or debris. Furthmore, they need a rubber outsole that’s abrasion, slip and oil resistant to protect them from slips and falls.

Kitchen staff

The correct footwear is vital for kitchen staff too. Professions that require you to be on your feet for long shiftscan cause damage to your back and neck without the correct support. Any footwear in the kitchen needs to be slip-resistant, but from there you have a range of choices. Many chefs prefer rubber clogs with a supportive insole to comfortably walk around in, but a more athletic trainer can work well also.


Footwear is important for an active job such as firefighting too. Ideally, you’ll get footwear that’s comfortable and able to support your foot. On top of this, you need boots that can allow you to climb over woodland and urban terrain. Finally, you need durability to ensure that you’re not tackling a big job with deteriorating footwear. 


In farming and agriculture, required shoes should be able to withstand wet weather, protect you from heavy machinery and allow you to comfortably stay on your feet all day. 

For more specific jobs such as stable work, be sure to pick out adequate wellington boots and lighter, more comfortable shoes to help you get through each day. 

Medical staff

When you’re purchasing medical footwear, you need to be wary of infection control. You’ll have to buy shoes without laces to ensure that your footwear can be easily cleaned. Ideally, you’ll get comfortable shoes with a closed toe and heel that can allow you to move around all day without fatigue.

Getting the right shoes for the job is essential for your safety and comfort. By following the guide above, you should be all set to pick out the best footwear to keep you, safely on your feet all day.

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