Productivity has become a key subject as everyone is looking for ways to maximise their time and energy. According to research, creating a morning routine can have several physical and emotional benefits and set the tone for your day. Are you looking to boost your attention and productivity before your day begins? Below are 15 things you can do to get your day off to the most amazing possible start. 

  1. Become a morning person 

Research showed that morning people are more proactive than night owls regarding their readiness to get something done. The research also discovered that those who woke up around the same time daily were more productive. This suggests that waking up simultaneously each day can improve your day even if you are not naturally a morning person. Indeed, your natural circadian cycles influence your energy levels at sunrise. But going to bed earlier and establishing a pleasing morning routine may make things more bearable. 

  1. Prioritise getting a good night’s sleep 

Everybody needs a full night’s sleep. While the average adult requires seven hours of sleep each night, a recent UK study suggests that over 7.5 million Brits sleep for less than four hours each on average. Unfortunately, this can be taxing for your physical and mental health. The short-term consequences of poor night’s sleep include heightened stress reaction, anxiety, memory and performance deficits and other behavioural problems. You should look at your sleep routine if you persistently experience these signs. A few healthy sleep habits might help you obtain some much-needed sleep, including dimming your lights, turning off your phone, and taking a warm bath before bed. You’ll wake up feeling much better.

  1. Stay clear of the snooze button

Ever woke up in the morning feeling like you could use an additional five minutes of sleep only to wake up an hour after? Hitting the snooze button can disrupt your brain or your internal clock, causing you to be tired and sluggish in the morning. And this can be prevented by avoiding the snooze button. You can set two alarms five minutes apart where the second one will be when you leave your bed. Following this trick can train your mind to wake up at a specific time and discourage you from sleeping in. You will see a lot of improvement in your morning routine when you learn to avoid the snooze button. 

  1. Take care of yourself

Self-care is important for everybody, and some good pampering sessions at the end of the day never hurt anyone. While treating yourself to a good morning pampering might feel like a luxury to many, it doesn’t mean denying yourself some mini spa treatment or relaxation activity in the morning. For instance, leaving your bed early, giving your face a good cleansing and applying some moisturiser can instantly make you feel more alert to face your day. You can also go out of your way to put on make-up and wear your favourite outfit because it makes you feel more awake and eager to complete your tasks. Consider other self-care exercises like dry body brushing to remove dead skin cells and boost blood circulation, among other benefits. You can do this anytime; however, it’s best before taking your bath. 

  1. Begin each day with a proactive attitude

It is possible to feel more in charge of your day if you have the right mindset that directs your thinking. You have the best chance of having a productive morning when you strongly believe your attitude affects what you get done. Do you constantly find yourself in a frustrating position where you only react to what the morning throws at you? Tap into some positive energy by having a proactive mindset in the morning. You can intentionally create this attitude with positive affirmations to manifest every morning. Fortunately, there are many free online resources you can use as well.

  1. Begin every day with a cup of water

The thought of sweet-scented coffee or tea might be more enticing. However, a glass of water can be all you need to get the day to a flying start. Aside from preventing dehydration, drinking at least a glass of water can boost your mood, improve your cognitive function and set you up for a more productive morning. You can add lemon and sea salt to your warm water to jumpstart digestion. Warm lemon water with salt can also eliminate bacteria in your mouth and throat, reduce inflammation and even boost your immune system. 

  1. Exercise first thing in the morning

A University of Bristol research discovered that people who exercise throughout the workday have better moods and are better able to deal with job demands. It is widely known that exercise provides several physical and mental benefits. Including an active break into your day can make you considerably more productive. If you currently have a regular workout, shift it to the morning. Physical activity before work can boost your mood and productivity all morning and day. A brief morning cardio session, for instance, can boost your attention and decision-making abilities. 

  1. Have some quiet time 

Having some peaceful time each morning is one of the many benefits of being an early bird. You will probably understand if you have a busy household where it is all chaos multitasking between getting your kids ready for school and dealing with your energetic dog. Aside from having time to exercise and even enjoy a warm breakfast alone, waking up early can enable you to enjoy some quiet time to reflect and think of the day ahead, what you intend to achieve and how you could help others too. 

Think of this as a great time to give yourself a good pep talk before the daily pressure kicks in. It is the best time to talk to yourself aloud if that’s what it takes to ready yourself. You could think about the day, what you can achieve, and new ideas to explore to improve your life and everybody around you. 

  1. Make a short to-do list

Beginning your morning with a list of tasks, actions and goals to accomplish can assist you in making productive decisions throughout your morning. Research on goal-getting, for instance, emphasises the significance of having a list of short objectives you intend to achieve. Do you feel overwhelmed with tasks to complete each morning or frequently put things off for later? You can start your morning with three or four high-priority things to complete before leaving for work or before noon if you are working from home. Create e detailed plan of what you can complete in the morning, and you will be surprised how much you can get done. 

  1. Don’t skip a healthy breakfast

A good workday begins with the proper food for your body and mind. So after drinking water, fill up with a wholesome and nutritious breakfast, and you will feel considerably more motivated to start your day. Even if you run out of time, you can grab your favourite drink or coffee for a morning boost. You can also consider healthy options like oats, fruit smoothies or a simple sandwich. You can save time by preparing your breakfast the night before and putting them together within a few minutes in the morning. You can check this bean to cup coffee machine if you are a coffee lover looking for a one-touch way to make the best cappuccino, latte or latte macchiato in the morning. There are several ways to consume coffee healthily to gain the benefits.

  1. Read something 

Reading is a terrific way to start your brain in the morning. It could be the news, your email or glancing through a chapter or two of your favourite book during your commute to work. Schedule a few minutes of your morning to do this if you work remotely. While reading can increase your attentiveness, staying away from your phone immediately when you wake up is critical. Resist the impulse to check your social media notifications or respond to texts or emails. Mindless scrolling or reading through your social media feeds may seem a harmless or pleasing way to wake up. However, it is a big detriment to productivity and is usually a waste of time. If you must use your phone, ensure that you are intentional about which apps to open and how they will contribute to making your day more productive. For example, it is ok to check the weather to plan your day outside, outfits, etc. You can also watch videos on meditation, etc.

  1. Arrive at the workplace at the same hour every day

You might not pay too much attention to getting to the workplace early when you are a business owner. However, it is important to be punctual when working remotely and responsible for employees. Set a start time for the workday and follow it. Being on time for work demonstrates that you have solid time-management skills since preparing your morning to get on time for work frequently includes planning and scheduling. Time management skills are key work competencies that may help you improve your job performance and grow your career.

Your morning routine can be the determining factor of a decent and amazing day. And since your productivity begins the very minute you get up, consider the tips above to achieve a more productive day.

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