As summer heat intensifies, and we search for refreshing ways to beat its rising temperatures, it is time to discover summer bakes! While baking during this sunny season may seem counterintuitive, we have put together an outstanding list of summer baked treats which are guaranteed to meet cravings while revitalizing you – including everyone’s beloved pie! Join us on this culinary adventure as we discover seasonal bakery specialities.

Fresh Fruit Galettes

Galettes are rustic elegance at its finest and an irresistibly delicious way to highlight summer fruits’ vibrant flavor profiles. Handcrafted using free-form crust, these open-faced pies offer light yet juicy bites of seasonal goodies such as peach and blueberry as well as raspberry and apricot; warm them up before enjoying for a delightful summertime indulgence!

Zesty Citrus Tarts

When temperatures soar, nothing beats citrus tarts for soothing refreshment. From classic lemon flavors like Lemon Meringue Pie or Orange Slice Tart to Orange Peel Tart or Grapefruit Tart – citrus tarts provide just the perfect balance between tartiness and sweetness to keep you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized! Don’t forget the extra decorative flair a dusting of powdered sugar or dollop of whipped cream can add!

Tropical Upside-Down Cake

Step straight into paradise with this irresistibly sweet upside-down cake! Filled with summer fruits such as pineapple, mango and coconut; its caramelized fruit topping combined with moist cake base create an irresistibly pleasurable balance of textures and flavors; when served chilled it’ll transport you straight away!

Chilled Berry Pies

When temperatures soar, serve up a tasty chilled berry pie as the ideal way to beat the heat! From classic strawberry, to no-bake cheesecake pies with seasonal fresh berry toppings, these irresistibly refreshing summer delights offer refreshing summer bliss right in your own backyard or picnic site – boasting juicy fillings and buttery crusts this delectable treat makes them great partners when hosting gatherings!

Summery Ice Cream Pies

What better way to celebrate summer than with delectable ice cream pie?! Combine your favorite flavors of ice cream with an indulgent cookie or graham cracker crust for an irresistibly delectable treat that is sure to help ease heat waves! From mint chocolate chip, cookies ‘n cream, or refreshing sorbet pies; these frozen delights provide relief while satisfying sweet cravings!

Pies are fun all season round!

Any discussion of summer bakes would be incomplete without acknowledging the timeless allure of pie, with its endless variations made possible through seasonal fruits. Pie has long been considered an indispensable summer dessert; whether its apple, cherry or mixed berry pies it provides comforting nostalgia that few can resist! Truly captures all that summer brings us! Why not try and perfect the most flaky and delicious pie crust recipe this summer? 

Final Thoughts

Beat the summer heat head-on by discovering these mouthwatering summer bakes! From fruity galettes and lemon tarts, to tropical desserts like pie – there’s sure to be something deliciously fresh just waiting to tempt you this season – take full advantage of it by firing up your oven, gathering ingredients fresh ingredients, and diving right in! Together these summer treats can create memories and sweetness of their own this season that won’t soon be forgotten!

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