Sky Fibre looks pretty good on paper, but getting it right now is a bit of a lottery. The deal is pretty sweet, 40Mb (ish) download speeds, totally unlimited and unshaped, £20 a month – plus £12.25 Line Rental. So £32.25 per month! The downside is that the upload speed is 2Mb – BT Infinity is around 10Mb upload, but BT Infinity is £40.60 a month and has traffic shaping at peak times. Talk Talk also do an unlimited product similar to Sky (40Mb down / 2Mb up) it’s £10 a month, plus £14.50 a month (to make it unlimited), and line rental of £14.50 per month. So £39.00 all in. Virgin are offering 60Mb Fibre for £18.50 a month with £13.90 line rental, so £32.40 a month. I’m not sure on Virgin’s traffic shaping policy (anyone know?)

Put this altogether, Sky’s offering is fairly competitive – (although Virgin are comparable!)

But getting fibre is a bit harder than it is with Talk Talk, BT and Virgin. It’s not officially launched yet you see, but Sky have been rolling it out to trial users since February. To get on the trial you have to fill out this form..

I filled it all in back in February, and Sky have been calling back people to trial the service. I waited and waited, but no phone call. Plenty of forum users across the UK have had the call, but alas, not me.
It would seem if you’re willing to throw a wobbler at the retentions department, you can have Sky Fibre now, with the £50 set up charge waived. Still, those old faithfuls like me who filled in the form have heard nothing. I’ve spoken to Sky CS several times on the phone / Facebook about Fibre. Some weren’t aware it existed, others just give the ‘it’s launching soon – fill in the form (above) for more information’. 
Fuck it.. I’m certain I’m out of contract, retentions will be getting a call later! 🙂

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