The excitement of hearing the letterbox is often short lived by realising that it’s just your friendly Postman delivering a whole fucktonne of shitty ‘To the Occupier’ mail outs through your door.

Did you know you can stop them? You can actually opt out from recieving this pile of junk – and it’s really easy too.

You can read all about it here

But in short – all you need to do is send a blank email to and they will send you back a PDF to fill in and sign. You then post it back to a freepost address and in six weeks you’ll stop getting the rubbish through for two years. Pretty cool eh?

One thought on “TOP TIP – Stop Royal Mail delivering crap through your door!

  1. JumblyMummy says:

    have you actually tried it though?  we did this at our old house and the problem is that it required the postman to actually remember which houses do and do-not get the crap.  9 times out of 10 our postman would forget and then, when I was last on maternity leave and I quizzed him about it if I was at home when he posted the junk through the door he would apologies profusely (because i think they can get penalised for it)

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