This morning I awoke to some shocking news, my beloved Samsung Galaxy S3 was dead, nothing I could do would revive the poor soul. I swapped over the battery of Loz’s working S3, nothing, I tested my battery in her phone, and that was okay. It just appeared my phone died in its sleep.

I’ve only had it since April time, so it is under guarentee still, but I knew that it would probably have to go away to be repaired. I had heard of a particular nasty case where @dmcconachie was without his phone for SIX WEEKS after sending it to Three for repair.

I put my SIM in a spare phone and gave 333 a bell, after quickly navigating the menu I got through to someone in the ‘Technical Support’ department, I internally groaned when I got through to someone in India. I explained the problem and he came back with (a slightly insincere sounding..)

‘I am so sorry to here of your disappointment at your phone is not working, especially as it is a smartphone Galaxy S3’

I explained what I’d done so far to diagnose the fault, he did continue the script and got me to take the battery out, clean the contacts and put it back together and plugging the charger in. Unsurprisingly, the phone was still dead. He quickly accepted that this was indeed the case and it would need repairing. He gave me three options.

  1. Take the phone to a Three Store where they would send it away and I could expect it back in 4-5 days.
  2. They’d send me a bag to post it off, and I could expect it back in 3-5 days.
  3. I could take it to my local Carphone Warehouse for repair and it would be repaired in 2hours to 28 days.

I went for Option 2 as I really couldn’t be arsed to drive into town, and he told me the packaging to send it off would be with me tomorrow. He took all my details and gave me a repair reference number, he was actually very polite and helpful, I thanked him for his help and the call ended. I remembered that in the ‘My 3’ account area you could track repairs, so I decided to take a look to see if it was there.

Sure enough it was!

So far so good, I’ve been told to send my phone (minus the back, SIM and Memory Card), the battery and charger in the packaging when it arrives tomorrow. I’ll update this when I get more news – hopefully it won’t turn into the same sort of saga I had when I was ‘Moving home with Sky‘. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Kip vs. Three – Day 1

  1. Mrs C says:

    Exactly the same thing happened to my S3 !. Was told by Vodafone that I’d screwed the battery by using a non Samsung charger. Actually upon futher testing they discovered the hard drive was buggered. Got sent away and 6 days later I picked up my phone only to discover they’ve given me a shiny new phone :-). Result. Pants that they wouldn’t loan me a phone in the meantime thou so boo Vodafone.
    Googled the fault and apparently has happened to quite a few handsets. ..

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