So further to my update this morning, and a horrific silence from @ThreeUKSupport , I have a form of resolution, sort of. My phone is now winging its way back to me, but it’s not MY phone, here’s what happened since this morning…

Just before 3pm the comments from earlier were added on to the job again, and the letter below was generated –


Essentially it says ‘you’ve damaged your phone – you have to pay for us to repair it’.

I was angry at being accused of damaging my phone, I really didn’t! I have insurance for all sorts of damage, had I have damaged it I would have claimed! I rang the number given and spoke to a Customer Service Rep, he was pleasant enough and told me what I knew already, they had found water damage on the Micro USB connector. I asked for photographic evidence and got this –



I can see it’s a dirty USB connector, but that’s about it! I begrudgingly accepted the £30 charge (they wanted £20 to send the fucking thing back). I was told they’d replace the USB connector and send my phone back in 3-5 days, all tested and working. I asked for the damaged parts to be returned to me for inspection, and also a copy of the ‘shadow scan’ which will show the water damage.

Not long after I checked the tracking information to see the phone had been repaired and sent back! Certainly better than the 3-5 days he quoted, I also noticed that it appeared that they were sending me a different phone back (with a different IMEI number!). How peculiar! Let’s hope they’ve sent the faulty part back, I’m interested to see the ‘water damage’ with my own eyes, and get it in front of someone independent to test.

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