Well, just about now my Mum and Step-Dad will be getting married! It’s a relatively quiet affair at The County Hotel in Chelmsford, I think there are just 30 or so for the ceremony and Wedding Breakfast then a fair few more for the evening do! Mum and Graham have been together for about the same amount of time as Loz and I (five years in May!). They got engaged last August, and I must admit to being over the moon for them both.

456526_10150975884121844_352208813_oIt’s so lovely that they are so happy together, they really do make a fantastic couple and honestly you couldn’t find two people so perfectly matched. Graham is an incredible, hard working man, and is a fantastic Step-Dad and Grandad, you really couldn’t wish for a more perfect addition to the family! 🙂

These x100 :)
Mrs Hakes bakes a lot of Cakes!

It’s been an incredible team effort though, I made the inserts for the invites, gifts, the table names, and place cards, Laura has made the centre pieces and is taking the role of ‘photographer’ (check out her Instagram Feed!). I must say Loz has been working her butt off though – she’s made, frosted, and decorated over 100 cupcakes, sorted the flowers and pulled everyone into order. We’ve also enlisted the wonderful James at Piano DJ for all the music and Disco, and also Nikki and Jan at Complete Entourage are doing some Room Decorations too!

I know Mum has been panicking about every aspect of the big day, even stressing about where people will park! She’s not a Bridezilla at all, just a worrier! Despite the threat of snow, I’m sure it will all come together perfectly!

Babeh Kippeh with my Godparents! :)
Babeh Kippeh with my Godparents!

It’ll be nice to get the family together, and also I’m VERY excited about seeing my godparent’s who I haven’t seen for over ten years – it’s going to be wonderful! I must admit I’m slightly concerned at how J will be, so wildly thrown out of his routine, but thankfully there will be an army of relatives to help. It will also be nice to see G dressed up and no doubt being the cheeky little sod, and doting sister she is.

So whatever the weather, today is a happy day!

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