The 1st of January marked J’s 8th Month, it’s scary how rapidly he’s changed in that time. He’s well and truly on the move now, his ‘legless zombie shuffle’ across the floor has been replaced with ‘proper’ hands and knees crawling. His cruising along the sofa is mostly unaided now, and he’s bloody quick. Loz put him down on his bedroom floor and was folding his towel, she turned around to hang it up and turned back to find him standing up against the chair, reaching for a toy on it. You really can’t keep your eyes off him!

His speech development is getting there, we’re getting more ‘sounds’ than ‘noise’, his internal volume control isn’t quite there yet, as most sounds can be heard throughout the house. You can no longer have a ‘quiet’ coffee when out and about, he’ll just sit in the high chair and loudly babble . He seems to get very cross with people around him who ignore him, if someone he’s focused on smiles at him, he’ll instantly smile back (especially at girls). If they don’t acknowledge him, he’ll ‘shout’ at them, and continue to do so until they look at him. 

He’s certainly growing more affectionate too, he’ll reach out for a cuddle, very much so with Loz, or his sister, it’s especially sweet just how tightly he holds G. I think she likes it too, although it usually comes to an abrupt end when he spots her long hair and gives it  a yank!

His eating and drinking habits are syncing up nicely with ours, he’s mostly eating whatever we’re having for dinner, and sometimes lunch. He’s also got a love for toast, and weirdly, satsumas, he’ll suck a segment dry in minutes! After much testing of different brands, he seems to be happiest with a bit of juice from a Tommee Tippee First Cup. I think the flow is a bit too quick for him and he only tends to have a few sips, but at least he’s sussed out how to use it!

The only negative really is his sleeping – we were having 7pm-6.30-7am up until a week before Christmas, and after that and over the festive period he was back to wanting a night feed. There have been an odd few nights that he’s gone through, so hopefully he’ll be back on track soon. Admittedly the feeds aren’t TOO bad, he’ll clear 7oz in a matter of minutes, and then want a cuddle for 10 mins, start fidgeting (that’s his hint he wants bed), pop him into the cot and he’s usually asleep in a few minutes.

All in all, I really can’t complain, he’s doing brilliantly! How’s your eight month old doing?

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