The recent inclement weather has closed many schools and given plenty of children up and down the land a ‘Snow Day’ – I love a good snow day. This time around G’s school has chosen to remain open, although they started at 10am so staff had enough time to clear the snow. The thing is, even if they had decided to close the school – I wouldn’t have minded looking after her for the day. Why? Well it’s perfectly reasonable to expect a parent to look after their child.

Reading through Twitter though, some people REALLY dislike having their children home from school. Moaning about why the schools have closed? Why do they have to take a day off work to do it? Why? Well ultimately your children are YOUR responsibility, school is where your children go to learn, it’s not a crèche.

People forget the teachers don’t actually live next door to the school, some may be in other towns, or tiny villages outside of towns that possibly would never see their roads being gritted. If the teachers can’t physically get in, who will be teaching your children?

Also we live in a funny old world, a world where parents will try and sue a school for their stupid child running across ice and snow and landing face first. We live in a world where people don’t want to take responsibility for their (or their children’s) actions. It’s easier for a school to close rather than risk over zealous parents getting shirty with legal action.

Yes it might be a pain that you have to take a day off work, and that in a lot of cases you might not get paid for it. When you choose to have children, you choose a lifetime of responsibility for them, no matter what the weather, they are yours.

Stop getting over zealous and enjoy a snow day with them!

3 thoughts on “‘Sorry.. You expect ME to look after my OWN children?’

  1. coombemill says:

    We have no snow in Cornwall and I would love school to close and us to be snowed in and play together on the farm.

  2. Mumof3 says:

    And here I am TRYING to look after my own children instead of someone else, but the ‘system’ we have in the UK is forcing me out to work and treating me like the great unwashed, because I don’t have nor want another job; you see, raising three children who are under 5yrs old is quite a job in itself, that my body tells me it’s time for bed when they go to bed! As a mother it is my primary ‘job’ my role in life, to raise my children. I AM the person they SHOULD be being looked after, and those in ‘power’ just don’t seem to get the natural laws; instead they make it up, tried and tested poop every PM term and they don’t get it right because it’s not natural.
    Thank you so much for your rant. I like ranting.

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