How very annoying.. Last night I went to my computer to have a last look on Twitter before bed, and it was switched off. I couldn’t remember turning it, off, and pressing the power button did nothing. My computer was dead.

I unplugged it and hoped that come this morning, it might have cooled down and it would fire in to life..

It didn’t.

Thankfully all is not lost – all my work and files are backed up to Google Drive – so it’s all safe and sound. All my browser history / extensions and bookmarks are synced with Chrome too. It’s been very easy to just open my laptop and essentially carry on where I left off on my now dead PC yesterday. Thankfully I think it’s only the PSU (Power Supply Unit) that has failed on my computer, I’ve ordered one of these from Amazon, it should be here tomorrow! It’s very frustrating to be without my beast of a computer and stuck on a sloooow laptop, but I’m just thankful all my stuff is backed up!

Remember folks, Back up your files! 🙂

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