As I wrote a few weeks ago, the Bus needed two new tyres. The front tyres were worn unevenly and the eTyres chap recommended I got the Wheel Alignment looked at. This is something that you NEED you to get done at a garage really as it requires special equipment. The thought of going to a garage filled me with dread, I could hear the sound of air being sucked through teeth, the guy saying ‘ooooh your XYZ needs replacing’. I really wasn’t looking forward to it.

I perused around the internet trying to find out how much I’d be spending to get this done, the general price seemed to be about £30. After a little more Googling I found National Tyres had a Special Offers page. Low and behold a ‘Half Price Wheel Alignment’ voucher, just £15! Awesome.

There is a National Tyres place in Chelmsford and I gave them a call to book in, I was told perhaps a little curtly, that they don’t take bookings for alignment, I just turn up. I was child free so took the car off to get it sorted. I think they must be having a refurb at our centre as the reception / waiting area was a ramshackle cabin.


I explained what I wanted doing and sat and waited.

After about 10 minutes the older guy in the office left and headed into the workshop then came back..

“He’s just finishing up – it’s all sorted!” I was waiting for the upselling.. “He did say your exhaust is looking like it’s not got much longer left, the back box looks a bit ropey..”

I wasn’t surprised, it does look very ropey, I knew it already after looking it a few weeks ago.

“.. Just something to bear in mind” he continued.

That would do! No hard sell, and he was warning me on something that does need doing! Can’t complain about that!

I presented my 50% off voucher and he processed the transaction, lovely and simple. I heard the bus rumble in front of the cabin, the technician explained that one of the wheels was slightly out, and the other was *really* out. He also reiterated that the exhaust would probably need some attention soon, and that was it. I thanked him for his work and drove off, happy with my nice straight steering and even happier it had cost me just 15 quid! The voucher on the site is valid till the end of the year too! 🙂

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