Yes, I know it’s not the most happy of subjects, but death is something we all have in common, it’ll get us all eventually, in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years – etc. I don’t want to die, especially not any time soon, but I’m aware that the Grim Reaper can come at any time, so I thought I’d better make sure I’m ready. Generally it seems if you’re deemed ‘too young to die’ or die in a horrible and terrifying way, there will probably end up with some kind of Facebook Group ‘rip kip hakes’ or similar. Don’t do this, please, I don’t want lots of people writing illiterate stuff on a page, I deserve better, get a tattoo with my face on your bum – it’s what I’d want.

Also, i’ve noticed that if your death is deemed interesting enough, the press will instantly fly to social media and grab an existing or previous avatar or profile photo to garnish their news story with. More often than not, the picture is never flattering and will show you in a terrible light.. I had a look through some of my old Facebook ones, trying to guess which one would grace the pages of the local news..


Probably that one.

Or this one..

3271_84605051843_4148652_n (1)

Just in case I do die in the lifetime of this blog, use THIS picture of me – I like it..


Of course, all thing being equal, I’ve got at least another 50 years left in me – you can’t get rid of me that easily 😉

4 thoughts on “Just in case I die…

  1. mummyshambles says:

    That IS a nice pic of you Mr Kips!
    However, it makes you look sweet, angelic even and that would be equal to false trades description!
    Hope you’re still with us for many years yet, dear. 😉

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