I snore apparently, I don’t know that I snore, but I’m told that I do (and the bruises on my arms suggest I do too). My snoring is so bad Loz has to wear ear plugs (although I think its to block out HER snoring).

I’ve tried all sorts to combat it, from sprays, to a custom mouth guard, nothing works – so the the last resort are earplugs. I spotted a mention of ‘The Good Night Anti Snoring Ring‘ on my Facebook earlier, and the feedback seems positive, so I’m actually getting one sent to me to test and review on the blog. It seems to use some kind of acupuncture point on your little finger to stop it. The feedback I’ve seen is actually largely positive – so I look forward to giving it a shot.

Have you used The Good Night Anti Snoring Ring, or is there another remedy that works for you? Drop a comment below!

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