Today has been a funny one..

I drafted up my Cosatto post late last night, it’s a fairly positive and cheery post about meeting some brilliant bloggers and getting along just fine. It went live at 10.30am.

Then later today, I heard a few things that had upset me, and I wrote this slightly negative post.

It’s really weird, but the negative post has had FOUR TIMES the amount of views of the positive post. I’m baffled, is bad news more interesting to than good news? Do we revel in the sadness of others, or is something negative more interesting to read?! Do I quit with the happy stuff and get all emo on you guys? I do try to keep the dark stuff off them blog but, it just seems to get more interest!

Must admit that the grumpiness of this afternoon was lifted by this rather nice tweet always nice to have new people on board the boring journey of my life. 🙂

*Sits in the corner listening to My Chemical Romance sobbing*


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