Blogger outreach is seemingly something it is rarely done well – often you just get sent a stream of irrelevant and lifeless press releases. Mostly they aren’t really right for you or your blog, or vaguely interesting at all. You can’t help but feel the PR people involved are just effectively pissing into the wind, spamming their ‘blogger’ list – and hoping that someone, somewhere might just post about it.

It’s not all bad, there are plenty of other PR people who are being AWESOME and working out new and creative ways to deal with us crazy assed bloggers. None more so than Bite Global – I deal with them a fair bit, I know a lot of the team, and they really are nice people, not too ‘PR-ry’ with it either. They know their products, they KNOW how to deal with Bloggers, even more so they care about Dad bloggers too!

Also they don’t deal in crap press releases, and faceless nonsense, they tweet, email send effective follow ups and talk, subtly spreading the message of their brands. This is illustrated beautifully by the release I got for them yesterday, the subject line ‘Earth to Kip Hakes’. I opened it and was slightly baffled – this is all I saw..



I scrolled down, wondering what the hell they were on about, but I had a smile..



I started to chuckle – it’s not your average copy and paste job, someone had made that!

It got funnier though..



I was REALLY laughing now, for those who don’t know Chelmsford, that is Chelmsford Train Station, they’ve gone to the trouble of mocking up a silly image, just for me!! Then, it gets to the business part..



Brilliant – it’s just brilliant! It’s targeted beautifully, they’ve thought of a campaign to match the ‘out of this world’ styling of the JBL Voyager, and they’ve prepared a release that is ‘specifically’ for me. No  “Hi %FIRSTNAME% %LASTNAME”, balls, it’s beautifully done. The time and effort has paid off, because, they’ve got my interest in the product, they’ve given me the high res imagery, and lots of details about it and, as soon as they ‘hit earth’ I’ll get one in my hands to try.

I often read Press Releases with my head in my hands, but this one had me laughing, and smiling and I even tweeted about how good it was. It is just a silly thing, but I appreciate that someone bothered to make the some bespoke images for it. As well as coming up with an idea to make a weird looking speaker system that bit more interesting.

So.. as soon as this gorgeous bit of kit crash lands in Chelmsford, you’ll be the first to hear about it!


2 thoughts on “PR People – How to do Blogger Outreach – With UFOs!

  1. tiasmum12 says:

    This is awesome! You must have been chuffed to bits, I did I face receive a crap pitch yesterday regarding online bingo… I may have to drag it out of the bin just to send them this!

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