Something I’ve noticed about bloggers..

So many of us are ALWAYS offended by SOMETHING.

We’ve had Mental Patient Costumes from ASDA, Books that encourage child abuse from Amazon, T-Shirts mocking Depression from Urban Outfitters and this week the ‘Flirt’ baby gro from GAP.

Whenever stuff like this crops up, I smirk, then watch, and wait.

Then it happens..

The inevitable stream of blog posts from Parent Bloggers waving their stupid ‘I’m Offended!’ placards and getting angry about whatever subject it is. RT’d endlessly with hashtags related to said controversy. I’m left wondering.

Do you REALLY care?

The cynic inside of me really does think that it’s just a clever way of link baiting, or driving traffic to your blog. Who cares what a baby gro says? You don’t have to buy it, and I’m sure other sensible people won’t. It will disappear off the shelves by its own shitness. Don’t boycott Gap because their designers are idiots, boycott them for something like this.

Amazon too sell all sorts of crap, I’m more bothered about THIS than a book written by some head-fucked-hick.

Lets just keep cool like the fonz, and not worry about stuff we wouldn’t ever buy, and get pissed off about something bigger!

7 thoughts on “I’m offended! Now – Where is my soap box?!

  1. Ideas4Dads says:

    Lol you always struck me as a secret Pam St Clement fan 😉

    But seriously I agree up to a point.

    That book from Amazon is pure evil and the fact I feel qualified to comment (my mothers favourite instrument of discipline was wooden coat hangers) means that I do comment.

    Dont get me wrong you can keep your bomber fancy dress costumes and high heels for 5 yr olds.

    But a book that condones hitting kids with sticks I mean come on lets be grown ups here.

    I am coming to believe that the voice of the blogosphere is powerful one and can do good things if used wisely and battles are picked measurably.

    Anyway im off to see if i can find a matching Frank clock 😉

    • Kip Hakes says:

      Hmm – thing is, Amazon have pretty much EVERY book going. I’m sure you could find a LOT darker subject matter there if you really looked. Heck even some religious texts are pretty fucked up in places.

    • Kip Hakes says:

      LOL – No. I’m not offended, I just think bloggers are far too quick to worry about generally insignificant bits of silliness when there are much bigger fish to fry! 🙂

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