On going to get the Buggy out of the car this morning, I was confronted with this..


After swearing a bit, and taking J out for a walk, I thought I’d get it swapped over – annoyingly I couldn’t find a wheel wrench. I think I might have left it round Ben’s when I last did some manly-ness! Thankfully I discovered the absence when I was at home, rather than the side of the road somewhere! A quick beg from my neighbours I managed to get on with job. I was a bit baffled as to why it had gone down, and spinning the wheel round repeatedly – I couldn’t see anything, No screws, nails or anything..

Then I spotted it..


That little bugger!

I think it’s probably repairable – but, the tyre is pretty old and close to the legal limit anyway so – I guess I’ll be getting etyres or perhaps using Tyre Shopper next week to slap on some new rubber! Thankfully the spare tyre is in good order, and will do for a few days! But I’ve learnt a lesson – make sure your spare tyre tool-kit is complete, and the spare tyre is okay too! I’d be screwed otherwise!

After 20 mins.. the job was done!



The fugly spare is on! 🙂


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