One of the sad things about being a ‘split’ family, is I don’t always get to share ‘special’ days with G. It’s a bit upsetting when I see swathes of Bloggers partaking in stuff like Pancake day with their little-uns when I can’t do it with G as I have her at weekends. This year was a little different though and we bought Pancake Day forward a little bit so she could share it with J.

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J has tried pancakes before and wasn’t overly enamored with them, but his tastes are changing and he’s starting to eat pretty much ANYTHING. Thankfully, he LOVED his pancake with squished banana and a tiny bit of Nutella. He grabbed it and ate it like a pancake fajita (with all the filling dripping down his front). G opted for just ‘Nutella’, a little bit more than she probably should have had, but considering the good diet both of them have, a naughty treat is allowed.


I’m not a massive fan of pancakes, but I forced down a couple to join in – lemon and sugar is my thing – gotta love it bittersweet!

4 thoughts on “The Early Pancake Day

  1. WallyMummy says:

    Glad you got to have your own little pancake day 😉 and thanks for reminding me that on one day of the year it is acceptable to eat batter with sugar on for dinner. Boom. :)))

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