We’re big Tablet fans in the Hakes clan, James has a Kindle Fire, G has a Nexus, Miss A has an iPad Mini and I’ve got an ageing Kindle Fire HDX (which I need to upgrade to something more ‘business’ like from Dell). The kids play games on theirs, Miss A watches football on hers and I tend to crack mine out for work stuff. There’s so much you can do on a phone these days, but sometimes you just need a bigger screen.

I find mine handy for a trip into London for work, I can watch some stuff on iPlayer and play a few games on my journey in, ping a few emails while I’m waiting around. Then when I’m in a meeting I can take notes, make sketches and show my drawings to clients as I go. If I’m on site, I can take a few pictures for reference, and if need be, share any notes from the meeting with the client before I leave. Helpfully, because tablets have massive battery life, there’s plenty of juice in it to do some more TV catchup on the way home (with perhaps a few games of Wordfeud too).

By using my tablet while I’m out, it means my phone ISN’T being fiddled with constantly which is helpful I do try and attend blogging events in the evening after a day in London. That means I can use my phone to tweet and share the event without stressing about it still having enough charge.

It’s fair to say, I’d be lost without my tablet – especially for the work stuff!

Dell have actually produced this interesting Infographic about the use of portable technology and everything becoming consolidated, have a little look –

OneDeviceToDoItAllDellBlue (turtle)

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