On Saturday, as part of our Ambassadorship with LEGOLAND Windsor, the family were invited to LEGOLAND Windsor Resort for the Première of the new LEGO Movie 4D – A New Adventure. After checking in and given our ‘VIP’ Lanyards, we had some time to enjoy a few of the rides before our stroll down the red carpet.


The weather, wasn’t particularly warm – and the park was still fairly quiet, so in a short space of time clocked up four rides. I’d absolutely recommend visiting the park outside school holidays, and perhaps, if you have pre-schoolers, during school time – its so much quieter and small people don’t like queueing!

All aboard the Hill Train
All aboard the Hill Train

It was soon time to make our way over to the Discovery Zone (via the AMAZING MiniLand) for the Première – it was awash with famous people and their families all ready to watch Emmet and his crew (who were also there)! We were led inside the Imagination Theatre for the LEGO Movie 4D – A New Adventure.

The famouses and and bloggers walk the red carpet to the new Lego Movie 4D
The famouses and and bloggers walk the red carpet to the new Lego Movie 4D

The film starts with Emmet, Wyldstyle, Metalbeard, Benny and Unikitty being invited to the mysterious ‘Brick World’ by the mysterious ‘Risky Business’. Where he tries to separate and capture them and keep them prisoner to perform in the Brick World shows. It’s a fast paced, rollercoaster thirteen minutes of cinema that is perfect for the whole family, it zips along at a pace. It’s fantastic fun!

First up, it’s a 3D film, so everyone has to wear the glasses or else it’s a blurry experience. The 4D elements include lights, smoke, water and snow. I think I should have warned J that he might get a little spray of water (it’s fairly minimal) as he was upset his glasses and lanyard got splashed. It’s also loud in places, so kids sensitive to loud noises should probably avoid it. Thankfully it’s not as ‘4D’ as other experiences (such as the Angry Birds Cinema at Thorpe Park) and the bench seats are entirely static. With that, it’s probably better suited for the target audience.

J’s shock of the water aside, we all really enjoyed the LEGO Movie 4D – it’s perfect for the family and is a welcome addition to the park’s already excellent line up.

When the movie was over, we headed back to enjoy a bit more of the park before our ‘After Party’ lunch in the ‘Bricks’ Restaurant. We queued for the Fire Academy, and as children do, just as we got to the end of the queue J decided he needed the toilet. I rushed him off to the nearest loo, like a wee-filled time bomb, and the sympathetic staff let Miss A and G wait for us to return to let us all on the ride.

Our lunch at Bricks was fantastic, yet again there was a great choice of family friendly food, served in a very relaxed atmosphere. When J had had enough it was good to let him sit and play with some Duplo while the rest of us finished up, It was also nice to let G and J go off and explore the play area outside Bricks and be able to watch them as Miss A and I had a coffee before braving the cold again.


The weather was slightly on the turn, so we took refuge in the kid’s favourite ride – Atlantis – which is perfect to go on during bad weather. By the time we came out, the sky had cleared and we took a trip to LEGO City. I think LEGO City is one of my favourite areas of the park as it’s quite ‘hands on’, G adores taking a little Fiat for a spin in the ‘Driving School’ (Ages 6-13) and J loves the ‘Learner Drivers’ (Ages 3-5). We all love the ‘Coast Guard HQ’ – it’s masses of fun taking control of a boat and cruising down the river (as well as smashing into other boats).

With the time flying by, we popped to Duplo Valley so the kids could charge around the Play Area – it’s got a squishy floor and bundles of stuff for them to climb on and explore. J particularly loved playing ‘Cops and Baddies’ with his big sister.

I’d promised the kids a look in the gift shop before we left, so we took the long (and hilly) walk back to ‘The Beginning’ for a mooch in the MASSIVE shop near the entrance. On the way back, we bumped into Unikitty, and Miss A took the opportunity to have her picture taken with the adorable Unikitty.

Miss A meets Unikitty!
Miss A meets Unikitty!

It was a brilliant day at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, and so much fun watching the Lego Movie 4D – A New Adventure. I filmed a lot of video, and took a lot of pictures, which I’ll edit into something soon, but the awesome ‘Google Photos’ has made a pretty cute summary of it all.

Disclaimer – I am a LEGOLAND Family Ambassador, and as such I will be invited to events to see the latest the park has to offer in return for tickets. I was gifted a set of tickets to the park in return for my honest opinion. LEGOLAND Windsor Resort have had no editorial control on this piece, and all words are my own.

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