Ghostbusters is a film that I remember vividly as a child – I remember taping it off the television and watching it until the video cassette had worn out (although I’d always fast forward through until the ‘library ghost’ had gone)!  A large amount of the dialogue flew straight over my head, but I liked the visual / slapstick side of it. I remember when it came out on DVD and I fell in love with it all over again – it was the first time I’d seen the film in it’s full ‘widescreen’ glory, not the ‘pan and scan’ rubbish shown on TV. Plus, being a bit older, I actually ‘got’ the jokes and references that had flown over my head as a child.

So, 2016 sees the release of the ‘reboot’ of the film – I must admit, I wasn’t overly keen on the idea – it was a film I loved dearly and didn’t want it messing with. The idea of an all female lead didn’t actually bother me, I was slightly concerned it might be a cheese fest of the cast being the daughters / nieces of the original team, but – judging by the trailer – it looks unlikely.

So, from what I can see, it ignores the film existing completely – which personally is a good thing, it gives the chance for it to exist as a stand alone effort. There are a few nods to the original films, especially opening with the famous ‘fire station’ (which is one of the places I’m heading to when I’m in New York). But from what has been released, there won’t be an Uncle Peter, or Daddy Ray popping up in the final film (YAY!)

Rebooting films certainly isn’t a bad thing, the Nolan vision of Batman was wonderful considering the terrible path the older films were taking – but it needs to be done well. I think a few of the gags in the trailer fall flat, but it’s a decent start – it’ll be nice to see some modern special effects – especially on a Viera 4K TV!

Hopefully this revamp of the Ghostbusters franchise will inject some new life into the 80’s classic – I’m hoping it’s better than Ghostbusters 2 anyway!


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