Dubbed as the Land Down Under, Australia is one of the places that should be part of every person’s bucket list. There are so many places to visit, so many animals to see, and so much wildlife to experience. But for a continent and country as big as this one, how do you even start?

Here, we will be taking a look at some of the best things to do and visit in the Sunburnt Country. After you get tried from your exploration, do not forget to relax and try True Blue Casino, the best online casino in Australia. It is a casino that hosts poker games, table games, and other classic casino favourites. It operates legally, and you can easily access it if you are in the country. 


Afraid of heights? Conquer your fear with skydiving professionals in Australia. Here, you can experience the rush of jumping from a plane for as little as $199. The four top locations to do this are in Sydney, Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road, and Brisbane. 

Depending on your experience, you can skydive up to 15,000 feet and freefall for the greatest 60 seconds of your life. The skydivers here are professionals who have the license to conduct such activities, and you have the option from the top four locations. This option depends on the things you want to see from above.

Usually, sessions are available on weekdays only, and you can also set your schedule if you want to skydive during sunrise or sunset. You must also give an allowance of a half-day on the jump schedule since the skydive depends greatly on wind conditions.

Here are some tips for skydiving:

  • Keep your eyes open, so you do not miss any scene;
  • Follow what you have learned during the instructional sessions;
  • Do not panic; you will jump in tandem with a professional;
  • Wear loose clothing and enclosed shoes to prevent getting hurt upon landing.

 Skydiving prices vary between one provider to another, but most of them will cover the expenses for moving you from your hotel to the plane tarmac. 

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a virgin territory that every diver aspires to visit. If you go to Australia, be prepared to dive with professionals. You will board a ship to get there, and then you will take a dive to see a portion of the 2,300-kilometre stretch of unadulterated coral reefs. 

The reef is teeming with wildlife, and was even featured in the movie Finding Nemo. It is one of the most beautiful natural places on earth, and it is part of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is a World Heritage Site, and it is the best place for diving in the entire planet. 

As the world’s largest reef system, do not be surprised that this is full of life and creatures that you may never have seen before. Here, you will see clownfish, angelfish, batfish, trout, and so many other sea animals. If you dive, your diver partner will show you where to look.

Here are some tips to make this trip memorable:

  • Bring an underwater camera;
  • Take diving lessons before you go;
  • Remain in shallow waters if you are not confident about your diving skills;
  • Allow at least two days for the visit as one day is not enough.

The visit will cost about $250 per head. The more luxurious accommodations will cost you up to $2,000, but surely you can find a hotel and booking service within your budget. 

Whitewater Rafting

There are many areas in Australia where you can do this. It is completely up to you to make that choice, but it is guaranteed that there will always be a place nearby to enjoy this outdoor activity. 

Whitewater rafting is a little dangerous, but professionals have identified spots that even kids can enjoy. Whitewater rafting is essentially cruising on a river that has strong current, which makes the ride an enjoyable one. 

The average cost of the trip is less than $100, and it is common to take about more than three hours of your time to complete the experience. The typical package also requires that you spend some time with an instructor before you head out to the river. 

Here are the things you get to experience with whitewater rafting:

  • See the rainforests beside the river;
  • Ride the river rapids and feel like it is a water rollercoaster.

For the packages, the things that are usually included are:

  • Training by a professional rafter;
  • Provision of all safety gears and equipment;
  • Pick-up and departure from hotel;
  • Two to four hours of rafting, depending on your preference;
  • Fees for the national parks where you will raft.

Photos and levies on the river are usually not included, so be prepared to shell out about $50 per head on top of the payment for the rafting experience. 

Sydney Opera House

Who does not want to see the Sydney Opera House? Regardless of what is showing, you must come here if you visit Australia. This place is an iconic performing arts centre in the country, and you cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to get inside.

If you do not want to watch a show, you can book a tour. It usually costs less than $50 per guest, and you will be taken inside the centre, with a tour guide explaining its history and important detail about it. If you are lucky, you will get to see artists rehearsing in the main halls. 

It is best to visit the Sydney Opera House for a full day, or at least half a day. This should give you ample time to eat, watch rehearsals, and take pictures. 


Australia is a huge country with a lot of historical and cultural icons that you must visit. While the city is bustling with great food and great people, you must not forget that Australia is best appreciated if you take the time to enjoy the wildlife tours and outdoor activities. 

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