Advancements in technology have not only made life in our homes more convenient, they’ve also helped us to feel more secure and protected. This article explores some of the best new tech that will make a fun and useful addition to any home.

Wireless LED light bulbs

Your home lighting set-up has never been more convenient following the most recent innovations in smart lighting. New offerings are continuing to come out from brands such as Philips and TP Link (to name a few), allowing you to control every light in your home straight from your smartphone. These smart bulbs come in multiple sizes and lightbulb styles and work with the aid of a mobile app and WiFi bridge. This is a great option for controlling your lights remotely, allowing you to make it look like your house is occupied when you’re away. It is also possible to put lights on a timer using the schedule feature on the app. It really is incredible how much Smart Home technology has moved on so rapidly!

Thermal leak detectors

Thermal leak detectors have been developed to allow you to easily detect leaks in your home, helping you to monitor doors, windows and ducts and fix insulation. The detector works by scanning the area, with the sensor changing from red for warm areas to blue for cold spots. This is a useful investment in the lead up to winter, helping you save up to 20% on your heating bills when you improve the insulation of your home. This detector also works to check the efficiency of your refrigerators and freezers. The bad news? You’ll be astonished how many leaks there are in your home to improve. The good news? You can enjoy reductions in your monthly bills!

Smart fridge-freezers

One of the most futuristic additions you can make to your kitchen, smart fridges make the most of the latest tech to deliver a fun and efficient service. Many of the smart fridges on the market will allow you to see the inside of your fridge from your phone, which is great for when you’re at the shop wondering what you need for dinner! They include three in-built cameras and a smart window. The fridge also includes a touchscreen that can be used to pull up recipes and create shopping lists to send straight to your smartphone.

Smart home security systems

It is now possible to fit your home with smart technology that allows you to remotely lock your doors, turn lights on and off, tweak thermostats and even feed your pets! When it comes to security, video doorbells have become incredibly popular as they allow you to see who is outside your home – with live video streamed to your phone. Smart locks are available to open and close doors from your mobile phone, sending you live notifications whenever your door is opened or closed. There are a wide range of extensive security systems now available on the market that are wireless or compatible with Google and Nest, too. The future of home tech is already here.

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