3 Ways to Effectively Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss has never been a comfortable topic for people; for many, it completely changes your appearance and represents aging, ill health, and confidence loss. However, there are ways to stop balding patterns as long as you know what to do. Moreover, due to this condition’s growing concern, consumer purchasing power for hair loss treatments rose sharply by 21% within a one-year period. Meanwhile, from 2019 to 2020, the percentage doubled up. Are you looking for some trusted ways to stop balding and hair loss? Here are a few.

  1. Organic oils specifically for hair and scalp

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First of all, not all essential organic oils are meant for hair and scalp applications. Without knowing about this, you could cause irreparable damage to your scalp and strands. Essential oils such as those extracted from lavender, cedarwood, and rosemary come highly recommended in hair loss and alopecia treatments. According to research, these plant extracts contain hair follicle-stimulating enzymes that encourage keratin production. 

Keratin is the main structural protein making up the hair and is a protective enzyme resistant to tears and breakages. Therefore, these essential oils target keratin formation, which ultimately boosts hair growth while keeping strands healthy, thicker, and less prone to breakages or loss. As a safety tip, avoid overusing these essential oils on your scalp because abusing them can cause an overload of keratin and cause stagnancy in your hair growth regimen.

  1. Hair transplant

This medical procedure is usually the last resort when all other methods fail to work. Undergoing hair surgery is a permanent treatment, and has a 90% success rate, making it the most assured procedure yet. During this procedure, strips of the scalp and hair follicles are cut from the back or sides of the head and transplanted into the balding spot. The science behind this surgery is to stimulate hair growth in patchy areas caused by hair loss.

Furthermore, because this is a specialised trichology area, it’s recommended to have the procedure done in a certified establishment. The physician performing this medical procedure should have a track record of high recovery and regrowth rates. Additionally, the person performing the surgery must be an experienced Trichologist. According to WebMD, a trained Trichologist must be medically qualified to perform hair and scalp surgeries or prescribing drugs.

  1. Taking hair loss medication

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Today, several over-the-counter drugs are available to stifle progressive prevent hair loss. For example, in 2019, medical research conducted in Australia, the UK, and the US, stated that you can purchase minoxidil without a prescription. Minoxidil is mainly used in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia, and unlike other OTC medications, it’s safe for males and females.

More so, because it’s the active ingredient in Rogaine, persons with this condition resort to it. Again, Finasteride is another OTC drug used to stop hair loss and balding patterns. However, it’s not recommended for women in their childbearing years because of its negative impact on male foetuses.

Be cautious when buying over-the-counter drugs for hair loss as some may stimulate additional hair growth in other parts of the body you don’t want. Therefore, your best bet is to seek medical advice before consuming or applying any to your head.

Aside from this preventive measures, it might also be good to start looking for effective ways to prevent hair damage that might lead to early hair loss.

For example, excessive styling can be offset by the smart and creative use of authentic and high-quality wigs.

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