If you’re the type of person who gazes in awe and wonder at Instagram pictures of everyone else’s beautiful outdoor adventures? Do hiking and camping intrigue you but you’re nervous to try roughing it yourself in nature?

It’s normal to be intimidated by outdoor adventure travel, but you shouldn’t let that hold you back from the wonderful experiences you’re missing! We’ve rounded up some top tips for adventure travel to help you ease your way into things without a hitch.

Stock Up

Adventure travel does usually require a few more gadgets and tools than your average holiday or weekend away. You’ll want to make sure that you have the right equipment before heading out. The most important items to have are good quality bags and sleeping equipment, and if you’re going to be doing some serious camping, you’ll need a power supply. For an eco-friendly option, look into a Bluetti 2400wh solar generator to power all your devices and even a cooking plate if you want to make use of one.

Dress the Part

Wearing the right kind of clothing is crucial for adventure travel. You’ll want to choose comfort over everything else, even if it might not look great.

For hiking, good quality boots are key. Proper grip will protect your feet and keep you from slipping. You’ll also want to wear clothing that’s appropriate to the type of trip you’re going on and the weather conditions. Think extra warm and insulated for colder trips and light and breathable for hot days – don’t forget a hat too!

Do Your Research

Especially for someone unfamiliar with the adventure life, planning ahead and scoping things out ahead of time is a good idea. You’ll want to have a clear picture of the area you’ll be travelling in and to, and do your best to get as much information about hiking routes as you can.

In this way, you can know the distance you’ll be hiking, how challenging the route might be, and what sights you might see along the way.

Phone a Friend

Especially for your first time, it’s recommended that you go hiking, camping or on any other rougher adventures with someone who is experienced and trust worthy. Not only will they be able to help you through any hiccups you might face, but you’ll feel more confident and comfortable when you can rely on someone you trust.

Going at it alone, or with a friend who’s as inexperienced as you are, might leave you feeling out of your depth.

Embrace It

The whole point of outdoor travel is to have fun and feel a little closer to nature. Try not to focus on how fit you are, the lack of a television or other things you might be concerned about.

Put your phone away, take in your beautiful surroundings and connect with the people you care about while having the time of your life. Adventure travel is just that – an adventure – so have fun!

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