One of the most exciting things that you could do this year is travel. Going from A to B is not always easy though, especially when B is so far away – but that’s why they were geniuses out there in this world that made airplanes. Our travel has improved immensely over the past 50 years, but long flights can often mean you feel like you’re sitting still – no, really. You might feel like you’re in limbo because you don’t seem to be going anywhere even though you’re traveling thousands of miles per hour.

A long flight doesn’t mean that you have to suffer, in fact, long flights can be really comfortable. Whether you have your about:blank clothing ready to go, or you are there with your eye mask, you need to be as comfortable as possible when you’re getting on the flight. Thankfully, many airlines are now providing customers with entertainment as standard, so those who just want to sit back,relax and watch movies absolutely can. There are so many different ways that you can feel comfortable and relaxed on a flight, but it does take preparation. With the following tips, you’ll be able to turn the unavoidable into the enjoyable, and you can start enjoying your flight forward to the next time you’re on a plane for somewhere fun.

Here are 12 ways to be comfortable on a long flight to help you enjoy your trip as much as possible:

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  1. Be as comfortable as possible. We’ve already talked about needing to wear comfortable clothing when you’re on a flight, but there’s a good reason for it. The last thing you need is to feel squashed in your chair in a pair of stiff jeans. Choosing soft clothing with a little give around the waist, will make you feel more comfortable especially on the long haul flight. You want to avoid anything that can press into your skin and make you feel sore. Comfort starts with what you wear – because there’s certainly no chance for more legroom unless you upgrade.
  2. Don’t forget your headphones. You will always find those standard headphones on a plane, and they will always be available to you. However if you want to drown out the noise and listen to your own music, switch on your headset and enjoy the ride without any of those plane sounds and other noises it’ll come with. If you’re interested in just falling asleep then make sure you bring some earplugs – this will keep you calm and able to switch off.
  3. Use the eye mask. Some people choose to sleep during their flights, and if that’s you, bring your sleeping mask. Most airlines will supply you with one in the little goody bag, especially if the flight is long haul. If you have a headset on and a sleeping mask on, you’ll be able to feel prepared that you can sleep during the flight and be more comfortable. If you cut out the lights, this will help you to get your body sent into the right time zone especially if you’re hopping over a few.
  4. Hydrate. It may be tempting to enjoy the complimentary alcohol/other drinks available, but you are going to be on a long haul flight breathing in recycled air from other passengers. You need to make sure that you hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more. You need to stay away from caffeine if possible so that your body can enjoy the benefits of water. Grab a big bottle of water after airport security and try to finish it and more by the end of your flight – of course, think about how long the flight is. A longer flight is probably better for a large bottle of water.
  5. Don’t forget your face cream. We just talked about hydrating your body with water while you fly, but that’s all well and good if you forget your creams. Hand cream and face cream are a must while you are on a long haul flight especially, because of the air quality in the cabins. You don’t want your skin to dry out so make sure that you moisturize every hour or so and apply some cream on your face, lips and hands. If you were to go out on a winter’s day, add cream to those areas! This will keep you hydrated while you fly
  6. Pay for a good seat. You may not think it will cost very much to add onto your flight and perhaps you couldn’t be bothered to upgrade, but it’s always worth upgrading to extra legroom seating. If you’re flying long haul the last thing you want is to have a cramped space for nowhere to stretch your legs out to. If you ensure that you pay for extra legroom, you can feel like you have more space to move around during the flight which will help you to avoid things like blood clots or cramped muscles.

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