I’m obsessed with familiarity – I like the same foods, drinks, TV shows – I find comfort in routines and structure. Vicki is always keen to ‘mix things up’ – I am not. I know I do it, and I sometimes wish I didn’t – but my brain just doesn’t seem to let me. I am trying to be better, and not get stuck in the same mental ruts.

I tell myself that change is exciting, fun and I should try new things – then another part off my brain is screaming that change is scary, and bad – and I should stick to the paths I’m used to.

When I walked into my favourite coffee place today (we are table), Ella smiled from behind the counter and said “Do you want a Kip and a Breakfast Croissant?” (I have a drink named after me because I order it so much).

I paused for a moment before replying.

Her face dropped. I was going rogue, I never go rogue – Vicki is the one that change her drink order each time. Not me,

“I want you to decide what drink and food I have today, so long as the drink is hot and the food is veggie”

The look on her face was priceless, but it felt good to break away from my normal routine. I was happy to let her pick my drink and Julie make my food. I knew I wasn’t going to get anything bad – and thankfully I’ll consume just about anything – I’m not fussy.

I was presented with an Crème Brule Oat Milk Cappuccino and some Sourdough topped with Avocado and Garlic Roasted Tomatoes. It was divine – so, so GOOD! I wouldn’t have ever ordered it, I would have missed out on the deliciousness. Going rogue and off menu worked well for me and served as a reminder –

I need to do that more.

Whilst I find comfort in routines and the same things – I’m missing out, on literally everything else that isn’t in my routine, and that’s a LOT! I know deep down I’ll still always want a tea as soon as I wake up, I’ll still watch The Office (US) forever more.

I will endeavour to try new things, mix it up a bit. I don’t imagine everything will be a success, but that’s okay.

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