For most people, staying in a hotel is a fun novelty that might accommodate their stay in a given location. Hotels are friends to travelers, professionals who have to move from one place to another for work, and even distinct employment categories like those who work as public speakers and comedians.

That said, from time to time it can feel tiring to go through the standard hotel rigamarole. Of course, hotels are there to provide a function and not necessarily to entertain you at every turn, but sometimes, being a little more selective about the rooms you stay in can completely shift your experience for the better, and enable you to squeeze the most out of your travel approach. 

A good example to think of is how vegas casinos and hotels are inexorably linked, to the point where you could quite happily live in one for a few months, should you have the money to spare, without ever feeling bored or tired. With that in mind, let’s consider how to enjoy better hotel experiences, and spice up our tired worries:

Use Integrated Accommodation

It can be nice to opt for accommodation that may be integrated into a cultural necessity, such as accommodation in Northumberland being a perfect place to access the inns, pubs and history of that area. This can help you override that sense of corporate similarity, and it will also distinguish the places you visit more and more readily. That in itself can be a major aid in the long run; and you may be surprised just how much it can help jog your memory when you think back on your travels.

Opt For Character-Based Locations

It can be worth going out of your way to opt for residences that have true history behind them. For instance, opting for Vegas hotels steeped in history may be a good place to see the best shows of all time; while sometimes even opting for the most famous hotel on a given route, like those that may have welcomed vintage stars or actors can be a great place to begin. Novelty hotels, like those over the water or even smaller bed and breakfasts that are nestled deep within the heart of a musical community, can make a difference. In Venice, Italy, for instance, many of the hotels are comprised out of converted monasteries. Staying somewhere with history can be an incredible focus.

Switch Up Your Style Of Room

It’s good to switch up your style of room from time to time. If traveling with a partner, then the honeymoon suite can be a fantastic and fun indulgence, while sometimes we may even opt for the executive suite at a hotel if our management is paying the cost and we’ve been frugal so far. It all goes towards shaking up your experience and seeing how others live, and how to make use of various necessities that you otherwise deny yourself. You can bet you’ll remember this trip thanks to that.

With this advice, we hope you can continue to spice up your tired hotel experiences for the better.

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