Getting the chance to go on a winter getaway with your family is an opportunity that should not be missed, but what steps need to be taken to plan out the most amazing snow-covered adventure? 

Thankfully this guide contains some of the best ideas that you can make the most of to arrange a brilliant winter escape with your children, and it truly couldn’t be easier to get started today. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover more! 

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Choosing The Right Location

First and foremost, you need to choose the right location. There are bound to be many different options that you can explore for your winter adventure, but the location that you decide upon can be influenced by a few key factors. 

Your budget can have a huge impact on the destination that you choose for your winter adventure, as you may not be able to afford to travel overseas to a popular snow-spot such as Lapland. Do not fret if this is the case, as there are many local options that you can explore which will offer you an amazing experience without the same enormous price tag. To keep costs down further, you can find a location that’s ‘off the beaten track’ or away from usual tourist attractions. 

Another important factor that can influence your chosen holiday location is the age of your children and any other family members who are coming with you. It’s totally fine for you to book a ski trip or a snowboarding weekend on some steep slopes if it’s just you and your teenagers heading out for an adventure, but if you have young children or elderly travelers attending then this simply won’t be accessible or safe. You might also find it to be a hellish experience to take a long haul flight with young children, so closer destinations are often better in these situations. 

Booking Safe Travel 

It’s important to recognise that there are more risks that come with winter travel when compared with holidaying during the summer. The harsh weather conditions that tend to strike during the winter can include anything from extreme wind to severe temperature drops and more. You need to be able to acknowledge and reduce these risks while you travel, as certain transport options are safer than others.

For example, it’s not the smartest idea to book yourself onto a ferry or other small boat that’s heading out into the open ocean – crashing waves and catastrophic storms can strike at any time! Driving in harsh conditions can be a nightmare too, especially if you haven’t had much experience of navigating the roads you are using beforehand. Make sure that you have good wiper blades to keep your windscreen clear, check your spare tyre and pack some chain link tyre covers to travel safely over black ice and other slippery surfaces. 

It’s also a good idea to check for any particularly dangerous upcoming weather events before you start your winter travel journey. It may be safer for you to rearrange your flight if you know that you are going to encounter some kind of storm en-route, as severe turbulence and other issues are common. 

Fill Your Suitcase With Winter Warmers 

Arriving at your snow-dusted holiday destination only to realise that you haven’t packed your coat or don’t have any thick socks will be a total nightmare, especially if you aren’t close to any stores where you could purchase such essentials. You need to make sure that you can fill your suitcase with a host of winter wear that will keep you and your family nice and warm while you travel!

Thankfully there’s so much inspiration online that you can make the most of in order to figure out what to pack in your suitcase for your adventure. Start off with some insulating thermal undergarments, such as some thick leggings and some long sleeved tops. These can make such a difference to how warm you feel when you step outside. Include some waterproof gear for rain, hail and snow storms, and don’t forget accessories like hats, scarves and gloves. 

If you’re heading somewhere that’s known for being covered in snow, then it’s a good idea to bring some sunglasses too! Although you may think you won’t need any sun protection when you’re travelling during the winter, the reflection of the light on the white snow can actually be near-blinding and can even cause you to get a bit of a tan, too. 

Enjoy your trip! 

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