Proving wrongful termination can be challenging for most people, especially since employers hire employees at will. With free will, your employer has the power to decide when you start and stop working for the company, and they do not have to give a valid reason for terminating your tenure. However, that doesn’t mean you have to walk away and accept your fate when you get fired.

Wrongful termination has become a very rampant issue in many modern workplaces. As a result, there are laws designed to protect employees against a wide range of cases, including termination due to discrimination, whistleblowing and medical leave. 

So, if you feel you have been wrongfully terminated, a wrongful termination attorney will help you file a lawsuit and get the compensation you deserve. 

Understand Your Employment Status

Before you take any action to fight your wrongful termination, it is important to understand your employment status as a worker. The wrongful dismissal laws apply differently to different types of employees. So, it is important to consider whether you are an at-will employee or a contractor before you take the next course of action. 

You can find more information about your employment status in the documents given to you when you joined the company. If you require further clarifications concerning the matter, you should seek the help of a qualified employment attorney or solicitor. 

Research More About What Constitutes a Wrongful Dismissal

Once you are sure about your employment status, the next step is to check if you have grounds to file a wrongful termination lawsuit. With that in mind, you need to understand that not all dismissal has grounds for a case. For instance, you cannot file a lawsuit if your employer has fired you for a valid reason, such as poor work or theft.

If you got fired due to discrimination, whistleblowing or medical absence, you have valid grounds to file a lawsuit. Any form of discrimination, including color, religion and gender, gives you a strong case against your employer. 

Also, if the company decides to fire you to retaliate against your whistleblowing efforts, you can file a lawsuit and get compensated for the troubles. The same case applies to individuals who got fired because they went on a family/medical leave.

Hire an Employment Lawyer

Another thing you should do if you want to win a wrongful termination case is to hire an employment lawyer. An employment attorney offers many benefits for someone fighting a wrongful termination case. With experience in the field, these experts understand how to collect evidence and present a solid wrongful termination case on your behalf. 

An employer might be more inclined to settle the issue if you have an attorney by your side since they know a lawyer willgo to court. So, consider getting a professional on your side instead of heading into a lawsuit alone.


If you feel that your employer has terminated your employment unjustly, you need to file a lawsuit and get compensated for your troubles. However, winning a wrongful dismissal is not an easy feat. It is crucial to gather enough evidence to help you prove your case in court.

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